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The following pages can be found on our business center website.

About Us

The Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center provide assistance to individuals interested in starting, expanding or improving small businesses primarily in Buffalo, Chippewa, Dunn, Eau Claire, Jackson, Pepin and Trempealeau counties.
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Business Budgets & Tools

Taking inventory of what you are bringing into your business is important. First, it helps you begin thinking about what you will need to start your business. In addition, any source of funding will want to know what you are contributing to your business start-up.
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Business Plan

Western Dairyland encourages entrepreneurs to be thorough in preparing to start their businesses, and we offer extensive training on creating a business plan.
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Business Structure

When starting a business, you must choose a business organizational structure.
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The Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center host and sponsor several annual, state-wide conferences throughout the year.
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Contact Us

Have general questions about our services or events? Contact us!
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Employment Law & Taxes

Before hiring that first employee, learn more about employment law and taxes.
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Frequently Asked Questions

View a list of frequently asked questions about our organization and small-business start-up.
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Financing Resources

View a list of specific resources available to finance your small business.
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Financing Your Business

View a list of different methods for financing your new business.
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Government Contracting

Federal and State procurement is big business. The Federal Government spends over 200 billion dollars annually for products and services.
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Licenses & Permits

Identify and file for the necessary licenses and permits you and your business must have before you open the door for customers.
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Marketing Mix

Product/Service, Price, Packaging, Promotion & Placement
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Marketing Plan

Work with a business development specialist at Western Dairyland to create a marketing plan for your business.
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Market Research Sources

View a list of online sources for identifying and quantifying the market for your business idea.
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The Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center sends out a newsletter at the beginning of each month detailing the events scheduled for that month and providing general business information and tips - including local success stories!
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One-on-One Counseling

Ready to take the next step? Meet with one of our business development specialists to discuss moving your specific business idea into reality.
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Other Resources

View a list of business resources, outside Western Dairyland, that are available to you in this area.
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Partners & Sponsors

View a list of partners & sponsors of the Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center
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Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights

View resources where you can learn more about obtaining patents, trademarks and copyrights.
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Personal Finance

One of the first steps in planning a business is to examine your personal financial situation. "What do my personal finances have to do with my business?" you ask. Possibly everything.
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Preferred Lenders

View a list of preferred lenders located within our seven-county service area, based on their participation in the SBA Preferred Lender Program, the SBA Express Program, the SBA Patriot Express Program, and the Western Dairyland Loan Guarantee Fund.
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Proving a Market

Proving a market for a product or service involves identifying where and how many potential customers exist.
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Request for Counseling

We receive our funding from a variety of grants, including the Small Business Administration (SBA).
Our continual funding depends on our ability to collect and report the following information.
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Services for Low-Income Households

Below is a list of websites where you can learn about local services available specifically for low-income households and individuals.
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Services for People with Disabilities

View a list of websites where you can learn about local services for people with disabilites.
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Success Stories

View photos and stories of entrepreneurs assisted by the Western Wisconsin Women's Business Center.
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The Successful Entrepreneur

What characteristics are commonly found in good entrepreneurs? What characteristics are common to unsuccessful entrepreneurs? What factors are relevant to success?
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Tax Center

View online tax resources available for small businesses.
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Attend one of our group trainings geared toward people in the business ideation stage.
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Women's Business Center

Western Dairyland's Women's Business Center was established through funding in 1999.
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Women's Business Network

These FREE educational and networking events take place on the 2nd Thursday of each month, from Noon-1pm.
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One-on-One Counseling

From writing a business plan to
expanding your business skill set,
our one-on-one counseling will
answer all your business questions.
Apply for business counseling today.

Women’s Business

Designed to inspire and connect you with
hundreds of business owners and professionals.
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